A wide view of the fitness club rooms at Phoenix Athletica in Pocono Summit, PA

Our Mission

Bob and Lindsay Larsen

The couple that founded Phoenix Athletica in Pocono Summit, PA

You will never meet two people more dedicated to what they do than Bob and Lindsay. The idea of Phoenix Athletica was born out of a passion for working with people on an individual basis and being able to bring that individual experience to every single person who walks through their doors. Both Bob and Lindsay began working in the fitness industry for someone else, but recently decided to branch off and open their own fitness facility.

With a combined seventeen years experience and 12 certifications between them, Bob and Lindsay are more than capable of handling the fitness and wellness needs of any person who seeks their help. Bob is not only a certified personal trainer, but he is also a Corrective Exercise Specialist and Performance Enhancement Specialist. He holds all three of his certifications through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Lindsay holds her Bachelors Degree in Sports Medicine from Colorado State University. She also obtained her Personal Training Certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She obtained her Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification in 2015.

Bob and Lindsay both have had their own weight loss success stories, which makes them more adept at addressing the needs of their clients with the added benefit of having walked in their shoes. Their ability to understand the daily struggles of the average person is what makes them compassionate and able to create the many success stories they have had over their years of training.

And, on any given day when you stop in, you will meet Lulu. Lulu is Bob and Lindsay’s rescue dog. She was found wandering the streets of Tobyhanna in July 2014. She was 10-12 weeks, had no hair and was starving to death. Bob and Lindsay saved her and now she is an integral part of the daily operations at Phoenix Athletica!

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