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    Why Personal Training?

    Why we are Different

    In my mind, Phoenix Athletica is more about health than “body beautiful”! Sure they will work with you to get you in better shape, tone up and lose that flab. But, they will do it giving your health and well-being first priority. The sign on their entry door reads, “Only Positive Thoughts are Welcome Here”. And that is the atmosphere you will find inside their doors. Clients and staff work together in an energetic, positive way; encouraging one another, focusing on successes, not dwelling on the past but looking forward to the future and a better, healthier life and lifestyle. Their trainers are educated professionals with years of education and experience. You can definitely trust their advice and guidance. I feel lucky to have them in my life!
    CB WisniewskiPocono Pines, PA

    Five years ago, after retiring from a time consuming, stressful job, which left little time for exercise (my excuse, anyway), I decided that it was time to go back to the gym and get back in shape. All was going well, I thought, and I considered myself to be in pretty decent shape for my age. Then, 2 years ago, after pushing myself further than for what I was physically ready, I herniated a disc in my lower back, which affected the left side of my body from the waist down. After about 3 month’s recuperation, foregoing surgery, and getting the go-ahead from my doctor, I started working with Bob, training with him twice a week. I was amazed at the amount of muscle atrophy that had occurred in that time, but more amazed at the lack of balance and lack of connection between my brain and my muscles. Things that my right side could do without thought, proved to be a challenge for my left side, and a total concentration was required to achieve the result. Bob developed a correctional workout plan, specifically designed for my physical situation. Two years later I am still training with Bob, stronger and in better shape than ever before, and realizing in a very personal way, the advantages of personal training.

    There are many things that I like about Phoenix Athletica besides the personal training. Bob, Lindsay and staff invite a friendly and positive atmosphere with a great workout space. The Yoga classes that are offered at least 5 times a week by two wonderful yoga instructors are great (not your usual gym yoga). And LuLu, their rescued dog who comes to work with Bob and Lindsay is always on hand to meet and greet and provide some smiles for their dog loving clients. Expertise, commitment to excellence, and a genuine concern for their clients’ wellbeing are indicative of the professionalism that is displayed at Phoenix Athletica.

    Diane StantonSwiftwater, PA
    Bob, Lindsay, Russ, Josh, and staff provide comprehensive fitness classes that are both challenging and well-rounded. You will always leave Phoenix Athletica feeling accomplished. Not only does the staff have a greater understanding of fitness as it applies to us "everyday working people", but they are encouraging, supportive, and friendly. They will take the time to help you achieve your fitness goals. There is simply no one better than them in the region.
    Tori SherlockThournhurst, PA
    A year ago, my son Sam (then age 12) started attending a wonderful fitness class for kids at Phoenix Athletica. He was starting to put on some weight, which I guess is not unusual at his age, and was definitely not getting enough exercise. Lindsay and Josh have made this class such a great experience for him. His fitness has improved 100 fold in the last year, he is definitely more coordinated and using much better form as he gets more fit and stronger every week. They do agility drills (he loves the ladder!) and his absolute favorite exercise is the rower. Every class, he comes out of it rosy cheeked, sweaty and happy. Six months ago, Sam and I added personal training to the mix. He and I attend a session (Sam has Lindsay, I have Bob) together once a week. I am astounded at how much stronger we both have gotten in that short time! It is something we do together as mom and son that we both greatly enjoy. Phoenix Athletica is one of the few fitness organizations in the Poconos to offer something for young teens to help them get fit in an age of electronics, no recess and shortened gym time at school. On a personal note, I absolutely love the cycle classes and I highly recommend boot camp! Thank you so much for all you do!
    Maryann D'AmbraCresco, PA

    I met Bob and Lindsay some years ago at a previous gym. Their infectious energy, attitude and enthusiasm is what drew me to take their fitness classes at the previous gym. When they opened up Phoenix Athletica I chose to end my relationship with the previous gym and participate in Personal Training at Phoenix Athletica. I was not new to fitness or a gym but this would be my first foray into personal training. I cannot believe the difference it has made in my life. So much so that after my initial “special” ended I signed up for another 3 months and can not imagine not doing these sessions weekly. It has become a priority for me.

    I have become much stronger physically and mentally as a result of personal training sessions with Lindsay. She brings out the “A” game in me each and every time. Every session is different but when we repeat certain parts of a workout (chest press, kettle bell, triceps, and TRX training) I see that I am able to increase the weight, the number of reps and the progress is visible and so it inspires me to do more.

    I participate in morning classes as I work evenings. The TRX class and the boot camp classes are different each time so there is no repetition or boredom. It is fresh, new and challenging every time. The other clients are supportive of each other and we push each other to give it our all. I love that you schedule yourself for classes online so there is no need to have to get there extra early to get a spot nor are any of the classes so crowded you feel lost in a group. You almost feel like you are getting personal training in the group class.

    Another important aspect of Phoenix Athletica is that the trainers are always learning themselves, keeping abreast of new things in the fitness industry. They do not rely on same old, same old. Bob and Lindsay care about their client’s well-being (mentally and physically) and create workouts specifically to address each client’s need.

    The facility and all the equipment is clean. It is a beautifully designed room for fitness with its large windows and beautiful flooring. I like that it is not rows and rows of treadmills and other cardio equipment with people plugged into their music looking robotic. I love that Lulu greets me and lays in the sun by the arc trainer while I warm up before my training session.

    Marion WeidmanMountainhome, PA


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